My Creative & Cultivate Experience!

Basically, this last minute decision turned into an amazing experience that has inspired me in so many ways, and I’m here to tell you all about it! Oh, and did I mention that it was 100 % FREE!

If you’ve ever heard of Create & Cultivate then you already know about all of their inspiring conferences and pop up shops that they offer! If you’ve never heard of them before, don’t worry because neither have I until a day before attending this event. I’m actually lucky to have seen this event on someone’s Instagram story and decided to RSVP for it right away. As a new blogger I’m always looking for events like this to attend so I’m able to learn new things and meet new people in this awesome blogging community.

Create & Cultivate is an online community for female empowerment in the workforce and our everyday lives. They also hold conferences with amazing speakers that are tailored to help us out in our careers. The event that I attended was 100% FREE, and all you had to do was RSVP on their website. A little side note, it said that you needed to make sure you received an email confirmation, but I never did and just took a screenshot of me RSVPing and that was fine. After attending the Desert Pop-Up Event in Palm Springs, CA, I would definitely spend the money to attend one of their conferences in the future.

If you’re worried about attending this event alone, don’t be because that’s exactly what I did! And I’m so glad I did! The overall atmosphere of this event was amazing, and everyone was so friendly that it wasn’t hard to make friends, even if you’re a little shy. You make new connections everywhere you turn, and I just loved everything about that!

Throughout the day they had different panels and speakers designated to specific topics. They all shared some of their best tips about being a blogger and influencer. They also gave us a little insight on how they got started and what helped them get on the Influencer path and honestly it was very encouraging, especially for someone just starting out!

Below is the list of all the fantastic speakers at this year’s Desert Pop-Up.

Brittany Xavier
Jill Wallace
Jessica Franklin
Annie Lawless
Carolina Lindo
Rocky Barnes
Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn (Founder of Tone It Up)
Nicole Williams English
Lindsay Albanese Keltie Knight
Jaci Marie
Jameela Jamil

They also had so many different sponsors with the cutest booths that of course was all Instagram worthy! Below is a list of some of the awesome sponsors that were at this event.

Kettle Vodka
Chameleon Cold-Brew
Not Your Father’s Lemonade
La Croix
Cotton On

Oh! Did I also mention that they had free food and drinks at this event as well! They had people walking around with different options to chose from. I especially loved this because well, who doesn’t love good food. But, also because they really did have everything covered for you. You didn’t have to worry about leaving to grab lunch from somewhere else. Making it so much easier to keep meeting new people.

I don’t know if you could tell, but I loved my time at this event and would recommend going if you can!

Make sure to follow them on Instagram @createcultivate and check out their website for updates on all of their events!

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