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How to Visit The Broad & the Infinity Mirror Room

The Broad is one of the most popular museums, located in Downtown Los Angeles. Because this museum is extremely popular I would recommend planning your trip ahead of time. I wanted to give you a detailed guide to visiting The Broad and Infinity Mirrored Room!

P.S. It’s pronounced the “Brode” not the “Brawd” despite its spelling.

Before Visiting the Museum

If you didn’t know this already the admission to The Broad is free! When we went, we had tickets but decided to try to get into the museum early. The line wasn’t too long but we still waited about 40 minutes to get into the museum, without a ticket. Which isn’t that long for a Saturday afternoon! Their website says that on the weekends you might be waiting over an hour to get inside. But if you don’t want to stand outside in line for a long time, I would recommend reserving tickets. All you have to do is go online, create an account, pick the date you want to visit the museum, and pick the time you want to enter. Once you complete all of this they will email you your tickets. If you want to see the infinity mirror I would try to get your tickets or get to the museum right when they open. The Infinity Mirrors line is first come first serve and the wait times can be extremely long.

During your Visit

You can look for street parking, but you might not find the best spot. So, I would recommend finding a parking lot that you can pay for by the hour or all day parking. We were lucky and had a hotel with a parking lot, so we decided to Uber to The Broad. They also have a parking garage connected to the museum for that’ll cost $12.

Make sure to eat something before coming to the museum, or at least eat a little snack. Because you’re not allowed to bring any food or drinks inside th museum. If you’re waiting in line you can enjoy a churro or something from one of the food stands, which they accept Venmo. However, I personally wouldn’t recommend Venmoing those kinds of food stands. They also have restaurants rights next to the museum, so you definitely have options.

Visiting the Infinity Mirrored Room

To get a spot to see the Infinity Mirror Room you will need to put your name on the waiting list. I advise that instead of walking around to look at the other exhibits you do this first. The location of the IPad is to the left once you enter the museum. There you’ll just enter your phone number and the number of people you are with. Once you enter the correct information it will tell you how long the wait is. Don’t believe the wait time because I’ve done this museum twice and the times were longer than expected. To put it in perspective we decided to go on a Saturday at around 12 pm and it was a little over a 3-hour wait. You are allowed to come and go as you please once you get your tickets, which is what we did. If you do decide to leave, make sure you make it back in time once you receive a text. You will only have 20 minutes to get back to the museum before losing your spot.

If you have multiple people in your party, you can either go in together or separate. The first time I went I was with my bestie and we decided to go in together. So, this time I wanted to go in alone. You will only get 45 seconds in the room so I would think about what you want to do beforehand. I know it sounds like a short amount of time, but to me It was plenty. You end up just standing there waiting to get out of the room anyways.

The Other Exhibits

This museum has so much more than just the Infinity Mirror Room. Each room has a different artist featured throughout the museum. Most of the other exhibits will be located on the third floor. Unfortunately, when we went they were redoing one of the exhibits on the first floor. But, we still loved everything else that we were able to see. Once you get upstairs, you will see the popular giant table set, the balloon dog, and so much more. You’ll even see a smaller version of The Infinity Mirror Room called Longing for Eternity. You don’t need to put your name on a waiting list and the wait time was much shorter. In fact we only waited 20 minutes to see this Exhibit. It is a little box that is covered in mirrors that have lights changing inside of it. You can’t go into the room but you can peek through the viewing holes. You get the same amount of time as the Infinity Mirror Room and it can be an option if you don’t want to wait forever for the Infinity Mirror Room.

I would recommend checking out this museum if you’re ever in LA. It’s a nice and free thing to do that will leave you with some amazing pictures. Thank you for reading my blog post!

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  1. Christa says:

    What a stunning exhibit! I’ll be in SoCal next month. I’m hoping to fit a visit to the museum in!

  2. Sounds like an interesting museum to explore! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. This place looks so cool and the 40-minute wait definitely seems worth it! I need to go there next time I’m in LA!

  4. We had something like the Infinity Mirrored Room in Tokyo a year or two ago. I didn’t go because Tokyo is far away but it looked awesome through pictures!

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