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3-Day Juice Cleanse

This past weekend I decided to give my body a break from all the junk food and wine I love to consume and go on a juice cleanse. I have always thought about doing a juice cleanse but never actually gone through with it until now. Mainly because juice cleanses can be extremely expensive! I’ve been wanting to get back into shape and start eating healthy again. So, I decided what better way to kick start a healthier lifestyle than a juice cleanse.

I decided to go through Nekter for my cleanse because I love that place! I normally go there every morning to get my favorite juice for breakfast. They even have an awesome reward program! On top of me loving this place, they were also having an amazing sale on all their cleanses at the time. 


The first step is to decide what kind of cleanse you want to do! Nekter has two different juice cleansing options to choose from with both of them having a 1 day, 2-day, 3 days, and a 5-day cleanse. The first option is the Celery Detox and the other is the Classic Detox. The Celery Detox is to help you kick start your mornings. You drink one of their celery juices every morning on an empty stomach 30 mins to an hour prior to eating breakfast. The Classic Detox is the more traditional cleanse that comes with 6 different juices. I decided to go with the 3-day Classic Detox for a better cleanse. I really wanted to cleanse my body of all the junk food I’ve consumed and start my healthy habits right.  


The second step is to choose how you want to order your cleanse. Luckily Nekter has the option to either order through their website or you can order it at their store. I decided to order my cleanse online and pick it up in the store to save some money. If you don’t live close to a store they have the option of shipping it to your house in a cooling package to keep it fresh. If you chose the store pick up option, you are able to pick a date and time you would like to pick up your order. The only thing about the store pick up is that you can’t order it and pick it up on the same day. You have to give them at least a two-day notice and you have to wait until after 2 pm to pick up your cleanse. Which wasn’t a problem for me because I just picked it up after I got off from work, so it worked out in my favor. 





What comes with the Classic Detox


This cleanse comes with 6 different juices for each day you are cleansing. So, I received a total of 18 juices for my three days of cleansing. When you pick up your order it will come in a cooling bag to transport them in with a pamphlet. This pamphlet will give you detailed instructions on what to do and what to eat if you feel the need to. You’ll notice that each drink is numbered 1-6. This should be the order you drink them throughout the day. The pamphlet will give you the times you should drink each juice. However, I personally started my cleanse an hour later. So, I don’t think it matters when you start as long as you stick with drinking them every two hours. 


Day One


I woke up mentally prepared for my first official day of my cleanse. I decided to push back my start time to 9 am instead of the instructed 8 am because it was the weekend and I really needed my beauty sleep. But, I don’t think this actually affects the outcome of your cleanse because you are still drinking nothing but juice.  I knew I would be perfectly okay for breakfast because I normally have a Toxin Flush or a Green Apple Detox juice for breakfast anyways. But, lunch and dinner would be a whole other story. Especially since my parents love to cook amazing meals on the weekend. But I committed and wasn’t going to break, not on the first day.  I quickly realized that I was going to have to use the bathroom more than I normally do, which really shouldn’t have been a surprise. I knew that I had to drink a new juice every two hours and drink plenty of water on top of that. But, I was craving everything from dumplings to a cheeseburger from In N Out. But, I wasn’t actually starving or felt the need to eat. It was more like my mind playing games with me because I couldn’t eat a huge meal. I would say that day one was a success and that drinking juices every 2 hours really does fill you up! 


Day Two


Today might have been the worst day! I woke up feeling like I partied a little too hard the night before and had the worst headache. Which, was a good way to start day two of my cleanse. I’m pretty sure it was just because of the detox, but I drank my first drink and went about my day. Surprisingly I was still pretty full throughout the day and my headache eventually disappeared, without taking medicine. I also noticed that I wasn’t thinking about wanting to shove a cheeseburger down my throat. Even with the smell of my parents cooking dinner, I stuck it out and drank my juices! 


Day Three 


This was the best day in my opinion. Not only did I make it to day three without cracking, I felt very energized. Which was good for me because I had to complete my last day while I was at work. Which was completely okay besides the fact that I got up to pee like every other hour. I was very excited to actually eat something, not because I was hungry, more because I was over just consuming liquids. I was actually excited to eat a bomb salad that I was preparing for lunch the next day. But the fact that I was on my third day and I didn’t crack was amazing for me and I felt very proud of myself.  




Well, I did it! I’m officially done with my cleanse with no cheating or hiccups along this 3-day journey to a healthier lifestyle. The juices were pretty great for the most part. The only one I absolutely hated was the celery juice. This one just had such a bad after taste I dreaded drinking it every morning. But, the rest of the juices were great, and I enjoyed them and might get some of them separately. I didn’t exactly notice a change in my body. However, I did notice a change in my energy level.  Which in my opinion is a win! Especially since I wanted to start eating healthy again because I was done feeling so tired all the time. So, if you’re looking for a quick weight loss method this is not one of them, at least not on a 3-day cleanse. Now the big question is will I ever do this cleanse again? Honestly, I don’t know! I think that yes, this cleanse is a good idea if you truly want to restart your body and get it prepped for living a healthier lifestyle. But the cost of doing another cleanse would stop me from doing it. If you have enough money and can afford to spend $135 on this particular cleanse, I say do it. But, for someone who just graduated from college and is paying back her student loans, I don’t see myself buying a cleanse again. Unless it’s going on sale again, which is how I lucked out and got my cleanse for 89 dollars.  But overall drinking nothing but juices wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I would recommend doing this but wait for them to have a sale to save you some cash. 


Thank you for reading my post!                   








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  1. Thank you for this!! I’ve been considering doing a juice cleanse for awhile now, and this offered some great insight! I love the honesty!

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