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Northern Arizona Day Trips

These are just some of the amazing places you can visit while you’re in Northern Arizona! 


I’ve been to this location a total of 3 times and each time I go it takes my breath away. The best time to visit this location would be anytime that’s not during the summer. Lets be real, you don’t want to deal with the possible monsoons, the extreme heat, and the crowds. However, if the summer is the only time you’re able to go I recommend bringing lots of water and choosing an early morning tour time. This way you’ll avoid most of the crowd and it won’t get crazy hot. The tour guides will also be a little less strict with time, allowing you to take more pictures! Once you know that you’re going now you just have to pick a tour group. You can easily google Lower Antelope Canyon tour groups, but the one that I used every time is called Kens Tour. This tour group does a fantastic job and even gives you tips for your pictures to come out perfect every time. I’ve added a link to their website with the ticket options and prices Their website also gives you the option of reserving and purchasing your tickets online, making this day trip a lot easier and convenient. 


You might have seen this image on your Fire TV Stick slide show or on one of your friends Instagram post. For someone who isn’t much of a hiker, this was a very minor hike. The good thing about this place is that you get to knock off two travel bucket list with one stone. If you’re visiting Antelope Canyon this location is only about 15 minutes south on the 89A. Like mentioned before I would recommend visiting this early in the morning when it’s not so crowded. This way you’ll be able to get better pictures without people in the background and you won’t have to fight for parking. But if you’re unable to do this stroll in the morning bring a water bottle with you, you’ll need it. You can’t go wrong with any angle when it comes to getting the Instagram worthy picture. But please be careful not to get too close to the edge! 

Lockett Meadow 

This is a campground in the Flagstaff, AZ that has some hiking trails and stunning landscapes. To be honest, I didn’t come here to camp or hike exactly, it was more like a day trip for pictures.  But boy we weren’t disappointed. This place is better in person than it is in any pictures you’ll see. Even the drive to get to this campsite is gorgeous! In my opinion, the best time to visit this location is during the fall. I would try to do this in mid-October to give yourself the chance to explore the campgrounds. You’ll also be able to see the trees before all the leaves fall off or before it starts to snow. Fair warning if you’re a scary driver like myself the drive up the mountain was a little scary for me. You’re driving up a cliffside having to share a narrow road with other cars as they pass. No, you don’t need a big truck to get up this mountain. My little Hyundai Elantra made this trip just fine.  

Thank you so much for reading my blog post! I hope this helped you plan your next day trip in Northern Arizona.

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